Photo Gallery


A collection of bird images that I collected over the years in South East Asia. Most of the images are from Singapore and Malaysia. I spent most of my weekends at local parks or Panti at Johor.

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A collection of bird images during a trip of 7 days to Philippines around Metro Manila in 2008

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A collection of bird images taken during my business trip to Switzerland and Germany.

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Spent 12 days at Kruger National Park, South Africa in 2007. Here is a collection of Avian images from the trip

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Images of wildlife collected over the year from all over the world.

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Collection of landscape images from my travel and a few from Singapore.

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A collection of bird images taken during a 9-day birding trip to Northern Territory, Australia in Oct 2009

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I started Nature Photography with Macro. I spend most of my free time in Avian Photography now, but Macro will always have a special place in my heart. Here are Macro & Flora images collected over the years.

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