Nature has always amazed me since I was a kid. Growing up in a small town at Malaysia, there was no video game, no amusement park, no shopping mall and no McDonald. However, there were forests with plenty of insects, birds and small creatures around. Finding fighting spiders, crickets from the bushes and catching fighting fish in the stream were my favorite activities after school.

After finishing school and started to work in Singapore, work and family commitments had taken up most of my time, I find myself more and more foreign to nature until 2006 when I met a group of photographers Nature Photographic Society of Singapore in one of their outings at Singapore Botanic Garden. Since then, it has been a fun learning experience for me, getting back to nature and picking up photography (I got my first DSLR in 2006, a Canon EOS350D). I find nature photography very educational (and addictive :) ) and in the process met so many like-minded nature lovers and great friends.

I intend to use this site to show my nature photographs, which includes Landscape, Macro, Avian and Wildlife. Most of the images are taken mainly in Malaysia and Singapore, however, there are also images from other parts of Asia, Africa, Europe and the US.

I hope, with these images, I can do my part in promoting interest and awareness in nature conservation.